What is La Playa?

Purpose of the product: Cosmetic product

Active ingredients: PLLA (polyl L-actide acid), HA (hyaluronic acid)

Application method: Dermapen, roller

Treatment techniques: Micro-needle mesotherapy, Needle-free mesotherapy

Treatments areas: Face/neck/body

Properties: Ready solution for application. Shake before use.

Packing 6 x 3 ml vials, 2 droppers for 3 traetments

Usage: For the entire face, it is recommended to use 2 vials (6ml) at a time, for local treatment – 1 vial at the time
In oredr to reduce pain, the procedure should be operated after applying of the local anesthesia

Treatment program sugestion:
– 1 session consists of 2-3 treatments (3 treatments are recommended for optimal effect)
– Treatment interval: from 2 to 4 weeks
– 2 nd session is recommended to conduct after 4 weeks from the 1 st session
– for best results it is recommended to carry out 3 treatment sessions

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Clinics about La PLAYA

Artykuły prasowe:

La Playa – zabieg mikronakłuwania z kwasem polimlekowym – WIRTUALNA KLINIKA.

La Playa – idealny zabieg po wakacjach – WIRTUALNA KLINIKA

La Playa – zabieg przed wielkim wyjściem – WIRTUALNA KLINIKA

Konkurs : “Bądź jak królowa – Tylko królowa stosuje La PLAYA”

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