lek. med. Magdalena Kędzia

A specialist in anesthesiology, certified doctor of aesthetic medicine.


 Member of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti – Aging.

My name is Magdalena Kedzia. I am an anesthesiologist and certified aesthetic medicine doctor with 12 years of experience. I love discovering new methods of “turning back time” and making my patients a more beautiful version of themselves.

In the years 2009-2011 I completed postgraduate training at the International Center of Anti-Aging Medicine of the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists. I am a Member of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti – Aging. I worked at the Private Surgery Center and the Center of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology in Toruń, constantly deepening my professional qualifications at numerous specialist courses.   I am interested in the holistic reduction of aging processes, regenerative and restorative treatments within the face and body, and the use of regenerative stem cells in aesthetic medicine.

Privately, I am a sailing and yoga lover and a happy mother. I am a trainer and expert at Beautyeurope.eu – a Polish company dealing with autologous regenerative medicine, preparations obtained from the patient’s own blood (platelet rich plasma, structual fibrine, stem cells ) safety and nonalergical. Autologous products have great potential to restore tissue volume and quality. This is the future of medicine.

Because beauty and health are in you.