Join us for a series of webinars on the topic of:

“LENISNA – one of the most effective tissue stimulators in aesthetic medicine.”

International webinar –

“The 1st Juvelook & Lenisna International Academy”

organized jointly by Beautyeurope Aesthetic School and the producer of Lenisna and Juvelook preparations, conducted by experts from Poland, Korea and Spain.

Dr Bartlomiej Sobolewski discusses the hybrid collagen stimulator -LENISNA: its properties, action, methods of administration, results and, finally, advantages over other tissue stimulators. Part one presents applications for the face, part two covers the use of the tissue filler in other parts of the body: abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs.

Part 1. Face treatments.

Part 2. Body treatments.

“Lenisna and Juvelook from the patient’s perspective” – Dr Kamil Pielaszkiewicz.

Klinika „Dr NeuroBeauty” Lublin

Rejuvenation of the eye area and neck; tissue stimulators: Lenisna i Juvelook

“Arte Clinic dr Małgorzata Warchoł” Gliwice

“Stimulators do not always mean the same thing”

Medycyna Estetyczna dr Karolina Pazera – Kielce,

Kliniki Ziemlewski – Łódź