We invite you to learn more about the Juvelook formulation:

“JUVELOOK – the only PDLLA acid for use in the eye area, neck, décolleté  and mesotherapy.”

Resources include webinars, reviews and testimonials from clinics performing the procedures:

International webinar –

“The 1st Juvelook & Lenisna International Academy”

organized jointly by Beautyeurope Aesthetic School and the producer of Lenisna and Juvelook preparations, conducted by experts from Poland, Korea and Spain.

Webinar: “JUVELOOK – the only PDLLA acid for use in the eye area, mesotherapy of the neck and décolleté.” – dr Bartłomiej Sobolewski

“Laboratorium Piękna “ -Głogów

Webinar: “Stimulators do not always mean the same thing.” – dr Karolina Pazera, dr Krzysztof Ziemlewski

Medycyna Estetyczna dr Karolina PazeraKielce,

Kliniki Ziemlewski – Łódź

“Lenisna and Juvelook from the patient’s perspective” – Dr Kamil Pielaszkiewicz.

Klinika „Dr NeuroBeauty”;  Lublin

“Rejuvenation of the eye area and neck; tissue stimulators Lenisna i Juvelook” – dr Małgorzata Warchoł

“Arte Clinic dr Małgorzata Warchoł” Gliwice